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   Metta Clay started 7 years ago with a DIY attempt at my own jewelry. I fell in love with the versatility of polymer clay and couldn't stop creating. When I decided to turn my art into a business, I didn't want to just do it for myself, so I also made it my vehicle for making some sort of difference in the world

The word, metta, means loving-kindness, non-violence, and the wish for the happiness of others. This philosophy is the backbone of my business. I wish for the happiness of my customers, but it goes deeper than that.
   The selling of a human being sounds unreal, yet human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry. I feel so strongly about this issue and want to support the people who are working directly to solve it. That's why 10% of my profits are donated to Prajwala, a non-profit organization based in India that is fighting to end sex trafficking and rehabilitate survivors.
To read more about the realities of sex trafficking and the many ways Prajwala is making an impact visit

About Metta Clay

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